TEMPE Kimyasal Yem Sanayii A.Ş.

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About Us

TEMPE KİMYASAL YEM KATKILARI SANAYİ A.Ş. was founded in 1975.  After opening its technical department and premix preparation section at the beginning of 1980, our company  has become a company closely interested in the problems related with feed factories in Turkey.

Although feed additives are considered as a sub-field of business by most of the firms in Turkey, Tempe adopted feed additives as the sole field of business, thereby improving itself only in this particular market segment.

Today, Tempe plays an important role in the Turkish feed sector as a feed additive importer and locally vitamin and mineral premix producer.  All kind of feed additives, toxin binders, salmonella inhibitors, pellet binders, mold inhibitors, anti-oxidants, antibiotic free growth promoters, organic minerals, fly control,  anticoccidials  and calf milkreplacers are some of the major goods in our product line that are imported.

Our sophisticated sale men who are zoologists and veterinarians cover whole regions of Turkey from west to east. They are well trained and experienced not only as a sale man they also serve as an adviser to the feed mills and farms. 

The competition and new developments in the feed sector has always been yielding us to look for new sources in order to maintain our consisted market share and reputation.  Our technical cooperation with well-known foreign companies has resulted in the diversification and increase of our products in line with the needs of the Turkish livestock, poultry, turkey and aquatic feed sector.